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It is an unusually windy summer day in Vancouver... News reported that a set of valuable treasure chests were stolen by a group of computer geniuses. They were hidden somewhere in Downtown Vancouver. The missing treasures have attracted other masterminds in town for this grand heist. You  have been called up by the Secret Service to act as honorary agents to follow the trail of clues,  figure out puzzles and save the day!


To race against the clock before some criminals get their hands on the treasures, you are presented with team challenges about Canadian culture, language trivia and more! Unlock new skills to ace these tasks with your new friends in your quest to set high scores to win top prizes! This adventure connects you virtually with a live tour from the heart of Vancouver. Perfect for young brainy brains who love games, detective stories, new culture and acting. Explore Vancouver like never before at the comfort of your own home!

Image by Aditya Chinchure


6 - 12 Years;
13 - 18 Years (FULL!)

Image by Michael Descharles


6Y-12Y : Jul 4th-6th
13Y-18Y : Jul 7th-9th (FULL!)
09 - 11am GMT+8
(3 days x 2 hrs)

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno


 Price: CAD280
​Per Participant


Adventure Certificate from Vancouver, Canada

The Most Unique & Interactive
​Live Virtual Experience Ever! 

Level Up Your Leadership Skills 
​& Meet New Friends!

Boost Your Confidence & English Comms Skills!

Gain Problem Solving Tools & 
​Spark Creativity, Critical Thinking

Cultural Appreciation &
Learn New Knowledge

  • Why is Clue Up! Vancouver unique?
    You have asked the right question! Not only is it a live mystery-solving adventure that brings out the best of your inner detective, the team challenges and specially-curated missions will provide you an opportunity to meet new friends from different places, hone leadership skills, immerse in Canadian culture and sharpen your English speaking skills, all while having so much fun, connecting live from the Heart of Vancouver! What are you waiting for?! Clue Up Now!
  • Is this suitable for me?
    This immersive adventure is perfect for brainy brains aged 6-18 who love games, making new friends, solving puzzles, detective stories, learning about new culture and acting! The whole experience will be conducted in English and led by our award-winning team stationed in Canada. What a wonderful opportunity to sharpen your spoken English! Don't worry if you need a little bit of help, if necessary, our versatile team members are able to assist you in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Spanish languages.
  • What do I need for this adventure?
    This is a unique interactive live adventure from Vancouver, B.C, at the comfort of your own home. All you need is an electronic device with internet access and camera. You will also receive a pre-adventure briefing by email 2 days beforehand to help you get a head start!
  • Do I have to attend all 3 days of the experience?
    Yes. We have a lot planned for the first two days for you to meet new friends, and work together with your teammates. Winning various challenges to get your team an advantage for more clues ahead of the hunt in the final day! Stay tuned for an action-packed 3-day experience!
  • What are the ticket policies?
    This is a tailor-made adventure with lots of efforts poured into the preparation and design by our team on the ground. Spots are extremely limited to optimize your experience. You will also receive a pre-adventure detective briefing customized just for you before it starts. Please understand that once the spot is confirmed for you, we can no longer arrange a refund, change the date nor transfer your spot to another player.
  • Are there other time-slots available?
    With a time difference, we are trying to accommodate players from different parts of the world. Drop us a note and we will see what we can do with other time-slots!

“Such a fun time! It's so exciting like I was right there! I learnt a lot of new things! Thank you for this experience!”

— Charlotte Huang, 11


“What a challenge with a dramatic twist!! Loved it!! On the edge of my seat the whole time! By far the best!!  ”

— James Liu, 16

Image by Suzanne Rushton


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