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The HT World Awards

Let's Smash All Boundaries, You and me, Together!


The HT World Awards have been structured to develop essential life skills for young people since 2005. There are 9 levels of the Awards and each allows them to achieve goals in different sections. The Awards encourage young people aged 5-18 to build the skills that help them navigate future successes through various opportunities, activities and programs. 

​Cash scholarships, grants, transfer credits among other exclusive opportunities are available for recipients when reaching different levels of the Awards. This recognition is a true testament of their commitment, versatility and vision of future planning. Log in the Awards Portal for opportunities.


Level 1

Level 2


Level 4

Level 5


Level 7

Level 8



The HT World Awards play a pivotal role in equipping young people the skills for LIFE. Not only is this what schools, universities and companies look for, the Awards also cultivate their abilities to become global citizens, contribute positively to their communities. 

Planning &

Leadership & Relationship

Creativity & Innovation

Personal & Social Wellbeing

Planning &
Problem Solving

Compassion & Empathy

Intercultural Competence

Confidence & Communication


Unprecedented times like these place great challenges on students' quest for all-round development. In 2022, The HT World Awards expand to cater the needs of nurturing life skills from various disciplines. Students are encouraged to take part in external activities offered by Licensed Activity Providers (LAPs) to fulfil their HT Credits and their respective Awards requirement. To register as an Award partner, please email our LAP team.

Creative & Performing Arts

Language & Communications

Community & Leadership

External Skills

Exams & Competitions

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