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영감을 주는 성과

많은 기관에서 HT 학생만을 위한 입학 또는 공연 예술 장학금을 마련하고 있습니다. 이것은 바로 지난 20년간의 노력과 품질에 대한 진정한 증거입니다. HT 학생들이 잠재력을 최대한 발휘할 수 있도록 글로벌 파트너들의 지원에 감사드립니다. 


궁금한 점이 있거나 HT 전용 장학금 설정에 대해 논의하고 싶은 교육기관이 있다면, 국제 자격 증명 담당자 Rachel Lee에게 언제든지 문의하시기 바랍니다.

HT 장학금

*최종 결정은 학교가 내립니다.

**학교의 공식 정보가 우선합니다.


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Mount St Mary's College

Sheffield, United Kingdom  |

Students who have studied with Harmony Tree and can provide evidence by HTISF certification, are welcome to apply for theHarmony Tree Scholarship in Musical Theatre or Theatre. They would follow a full academic programme whilst being support in their creative endeavours. Successful applicants will receive:

- Tuition fee reduction of 20%
- 1 Lesson in LAMDA per week
- 1 Lesson in Singing per week
​- Pathway for further Art Awards

Students interested -  please contact Head of Admissions at

Leweston School

Sherborne, United Kingdom  |

Lewiston School is delighted to offer Performing Arts Scholarships for Harmony Tree pupils entering Year 9 or Year 12, who can provide evidence by HTISF certification. Successful applicants will receive:

- The Scholarship is worth 20% of the full boarding fees.
- Access to individual tuition in singing and/or LAMDA.
- Participation and musical and drama productions.
- Input from Music, Drama & Boarding staff to establish practice routines and reasonable adjustments to the academic timetable.
​- A "Mentor" from the Performing Arts Staff to discuss academic and performance needs and future planning. 
- Opportunity to be involved in masterclasses and lectures from visiting professionals and to attend regular concert and theatre trips.



Students interested - please contact



Laureate College

Burlington, ON, Canada  |

Students who can provide evidence by HTISF certification will be entitled to the Harmony Tree Int'l Speech Festival (HTISF) Entrance Scholarship towards the annual tuition fees for the 2024-2025 school year at Laureate College:

- CAD5,000/school year for Certificate of Distinction recipients
- CAD3,000/school year for Certificate of Merit recipients
- CAD1,000/school year for Certificate of Pass recipients.

Students interested - please contact Director of Admissions & Communications at

The Royal School, Haslemere

Haslemere, United Kingdom  |

In partnership with Harmony Tree we are pleased to offer ROAR awards (Raise Outstanding Artists at The Royal) to Harmony Tree pupils who possess exceptional talent in Music and Performing Arts. Successful applicants will receive:

- School fee remission of 10%
​- Performance Opportunities
- Practitioner Workshops
- Theatre Trips
- Career Guidance

Students interested - please contact

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