Arctic Outbreak Brings Extreme Weather to Central and Southern U.S.

A historic Arctic outbreak continues to bring a bone-chilling deep freeze to states like Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma of the United States. Some cities will see their lowest temperatures in more than a century as high-impact winter storms roll across the country. At least 15 states could see temperatures of minus-10 or colder, while lows near the U.S.-Canada border flirt with minus-40. Over 550,000 Texans are struggling for heat and water after days without power. Freezing temperatures have also caused water pipes to burst, despite attempts by some homeowners to insulate them from the cold using blankets.The state's energy grid has been overwhelmed by a surge in demand as people try to keep warm in some of the coldest temperatures there in more than 30 years - hitting (-18C) earlier this week. State of emergency has been declared in Texas.

Our US team have contacted HT students in Central-Southern USA to ensure their safety and will be closely monitoring the situation in case of any support and help needed. Stay safe everyone!