California leading to influence SAT Decline for college admissions

UC Berkeley announced that it wanted to disregard SAT and ACT test scores in admissions decisions for some students in a pilot study. The massive University of California system voted to phase out the test over five years.After that, The California Institute of Technology nixed them for at least two years. And in September, a California state judge ordered the UC system to immediately suspend all use of test scores in admissions. California’s universities are playing national leadership roles in weakening the SAT/ACT in college admissions. Now, among the COVID-19 pandemic, three-fourths of U.S. colleges to suspend testing requirements for fall 2021 applicants. Unlike UC, the Cal State system has not announced any plan to phase out the standardized tests. It’s also unclear whether the hundreds of colleges and universities that made the SAT and ACT optional amid the pandemic will revert to again requiring the tests.