College Board Make Changes to AP & SAT tests amid COVID-19

This year, College Board has made a number of changes as to how tests will be administered and what they will look like in order to adhere to health guidelines while allowing students to still take the exams.

Unlike the 2019-2020 AP tests, which were 45 minutes long and consisted of just free-response questions, College Board will administer full three-hour-long AP tests in order to cover the full course content so that students can accurately get college credit and be placed into the right classes, claiming that it is not fair to grade simply base on a free-response question. AP tests will be administered in person if possible and online for schools that are unable to do so. Students who decide to not take the test or want to can cancel their exams with no additional fees this year. College Board also announced on January 19, 2021 that SAT subject tests will be discontinued. Students who have already registered for these tests will have their exams canceled and refunded. In addition, the optional SAT essay portion will be discontinued in June 2021.