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Harmony Tree was established in 2005 with the goal to provide unparalleled opportunities through performing arts. It is the most powerful tool to encourage our next generations to pursue their dreams, build up their confidence, develop the sense or appreciation towards arts and culture, and more importantly, to broaden their global horizons through top-quality projects in creativity, arts and entertainment.

After 17 years, with 11 global prestigious awards in language and performing arts, HT North America continue to work closely with our families, schools, organisations, partners and sponsors, to serve as the cultural bridge to bring award-winning creative projects from Broadway to audience in the rest of the world.



Welcome to Harmony Tree! My passion for performing arts started to flourish when I discovered the uniqueness of it. It's a bridge which connects every one of us to discover, to learn and to be encouraged to explore beyond imaginations. My team and I have had the unique privilege of witnessing how HT has blossomed throughout the years. We are proud to have achieved numerous prestigious awards, and more importantly, to have developed our next generations into all-rounded individuals who pursue their dreams and ambitions fearlessly. Thank you very much for all your support over the years! 

Irene Chan

Founder & CEO