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HT's Mission

Harmony Tree was established in 2005 with two directions - Performing Arts and Admissions Consulting. Both created with the same goal to provide unparalleled opportunities through our global network and international award-winning productions to pave the way for students' future no matter which path they aim to go.

Over the years, we have expanded to Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Vancouver, New York and beyond to reach new heights for both HT developments and students' extraordinary portfolio building. 

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Irene Chan

Founder & CEO
Chief Advisor (US & CA Study)
6x Global Awards Producer 

Founder's Story

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

I've always believed that the paths which help us create our childrens’ futures come in all forms and shapes; anytime and anywhere.


When I first founded Harmony Tree, there was only one goal - to create a better future for my youngest son, Damien, after he was diagnosed with autistic symptoms. I wanted to establish a place where he could grow under a shelter without pressure, yet be challenging enough for him to develop around his peers.  My vision has always been to provide a lifelong learning opportunity for my students; develop their confidence, interpersonal skills and enhance their own character. My passion for performing arts started to flourish when I discovered the uniqueness of it; it is a bridge which connects everyone of us. I always picture HT to be more than just a learning centre, but a stage that allows our children to make mistakes, to discover, to learn and to be encouraged to explore beyond their imaginations.


My Team and I have had the unique privilege of witnessing how HT has blossomed throughout the years. We are proud to have achieved numerous prestigious awards and, most importantly, developed our students into all rounded individuals who exuberate confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Talent is how high up the ladder you start, but hardwork is how high you can climb.

Regional Team Leaders

Mabel Cheung

Damien Ted

Dayson Kwan

Hong Kong | Shanghai | Singpore | Seoul

Vancouver | Hong Kong

New York | Toronto

APAC Gen. Manager & Assistant Producer

Assistant Artistic Director 

Assistant Producer & Project Manager



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